About Us

Knowsley CLCs are based at Malvern Primary School and Westvale Primary.
Knowsley CLCs are based at Malvern Primary School and Westvale Primary School.

Who are we and what do we do?

Firstly, let’s start with a simple introduction. “Hello”, we are Knowsley CLCs and we are here to help schools, academies, teachers and learners of all ages with their use of technology and computing.

We are a non-profit organisation and our  aim is to support educators in planning, integration, deployment and teaching with technology in the classroom.

We believe in enabling schools and teachers to implement, innovative and create with technology and as such improve teaching and learning.

We believe that  teaching relevant digital skills can help raise children’s aspirations to be better and go further. We believe children should be creating their own Facebook not just sitting on it. Digital skills such as programming, film making, animation, music production, blogging, graphics and publishing can lift children out of the ordinary and catapult them to a brighter future.

We believe in creative and engaging uses of technology that makes a difference.

We know that every school is different and as such we aim to deliver a personalised plan whether you are looking at training across the curriculum, technology deployment, 1:1 program or supporting classroom learning. We’ll worry about making the technology work, as when it comes to technology and success, simplicity plus reliability equal adoption.

We are here to help.