Primary Computing Assessment Framework

Available to all schools

Our Computing Assessment Framework has been developed at the request of schools & in partnership with teachers.

Click here to download the Year 1 spreadsheet to explore how our framework works.  The framework offers the following:

  • Tool for assessing against national curriculum requirements.
  • It includes a tool to assess a basic level of digital competence for each year group.
  • Includes Mandatory skills and End of Year Expectations
  • Pre-populated with targets – can be changed for schools (at no additional cost).
  • Available on both Desktop and Tablet devices.
  • Can be made available via a cloud to allow access wherever you are.
  • Offers SLT and subject lead an overview of both progress and what has and hasn’t been taught.
  • Allows teachers to quickly see where interventions are needed (using RAG system).
  • Flexible and can be adapted to meet your assessment structure within schools.

Complete framework only £150 + VAT.

Price includes all updates and any alterations to meet the needs of your school.

You can download a copy of this information as a flyer – please click here

If you would like to discuss further or would like to purchase this package then please contact us on 0151 443 2155 or email


Video demonstration