Computing SOW 2018

Inspire a lifelong love of play, design, code and invention with technology.

We are in the process of updating our SOW. Our new SOW includes a lot of new features such as individual learning journals, mastery, opportunities for pupils to present their learning to others, open ended challenges and we will be including our updated assessment framework as part of the package as well.

Each of our activities will be organised into a series of 6 computing lessons. Each activity has a short lesson overview that creates a narrative of how each project will progress with any specific outcomes defined so to create the basis for your medium and short-term plans. With each activity you will have links to practical resources, presentations and computing journals for pupils to reflect with open-ended/independent challenges.

To give you an idea of how our new SOW will look we are excited to give you access to a sample of one of our new Year 3 lesson plans. Click on the links below to either download an introduction to our SOW (including an overview of lesson plans that will be available for each year group) or the Year 3 lesson plan (use the links within this document to access the Teacher’s Handbook (PAGE 3) and Children’s Learning Journal (PAGE 3)).

Or click here
Or click here

Our SOW will remain free to our CLC SLA schools.  For all other schools, there will be an annual subscription charge of £125 (+VAT) per year to access.  Please just get in touch ( if you would like to order it.

We do offer discounts for multi trust academies and groups of local authority schools that all wish to subscribe at the same time or for ‘small’ schools so please do get in touch if you would like further information on our pricing structure.

The current version will still be freely available on our website but will no longer be supported/updated.