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Knowsley City Learning Centres @ Malvern

c/o Malvern Primary School
Willoughby Road, Huyton, L14 6XA

Tel: 0151 443 2155


Knowsley City Learning Centres @ Westvale
c/o Westvale Primary School
Melverley Road, Westvale, Kirkby, L32 0RQ

Tel: 0151 443 4337


Knowsley CLCs are based at Malvern Primary School and Westvale Primary.

Knowsley City Learning Centres Staff:

Maria Bannister – Information Technologies Client Manager: Schools
Gary Melia – Principal Officer: CLC and ICT Support
Alan Ellis – Principal Learning Technologies Officer / Apple Distinguished Educator / RTC Manager
Nicky Bowen – Learning Technologies Officer
Ian Gard – Learning Technologies Officer
Danielle Williams – Learning Partner
Kitty McVittie – Learning Partner
Jodie Sharrock – Business Operations Officer