Classroom Delivery

We made a game world, with different characters and it came to life. Fabulous.
Year 4, Kirkby CE

I learned how to programme a sprite so that it moves
Year 5, Kirkby CE

At Saints Peter and Paul we use our CLC’s to support the teachers in developing their own skills and knowledge through our staff observing CLC delivery of curriculum content. The CLC’s deliver quality lessons and show a strong understanding of the requirements within a lesson for both the pupils and the teachers. Outside of the lesson we have found the CLC staff continue to be supportive, approachable and adaptable to unexpected changes in our needs or requests.  In our experience the CLC staff are knowledgeable, approachable, supportive and adaptable, giving us everything we need to enable our delivery of the computing curriculum.
Mrs. Margaret Oakley (Computing Coordinator) – Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School

The CLC are always there to offer advice and support for any eSafety issues.
Mr M Brooks – St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

The children look forward to CLC sessions as they get to experiment and experience resources that the school does not have.
Mr M Brooks – St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School


Staff CPD

The inset was engaging and inspiring. Staff took away ideas to support teaching of and engagement in maths and were able to put them into practice straightaway. A great session on our ipad learning journey.
Mrs Beale – Whitefield Primary School


Computing SOW

We are really enjoying using @Knowsleyclcs SOW for our computing challenge this half term
Tweet 20th March 2017

The CLC offer an engaging, challenging and completely free computing scheme of work that covers all aspects of the computing POS.
Mr M Brooks – St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School


Website Development Feedback

We were extremely pleased with our school website, you listened to all of our requirements and designed a beautiful, easy to use website, at a very reasonable cost, and also gave us clear training on how to update the website ourselves. All together this was an excellent service.
Laura Dickinson (Headteacher) – Finch Woods Academy

We started using the website service this year, my only wish is that we had of  done it sooner! The audit was really helpful in ensuring that we were compliant. The speed at which they get things done is superb. We feel much more confident and much more proud of our website now.
Margi Evans (Headteacher) – St Columba’s Catholic Primary School

It is reassuring to have the CLC host our website. First of all, having someone to check that the website is compliant means that I have one less thing to concern me. The re-design of the website was very professional and ensured that key information and documents were correctly put on the right pages. It also looks good.  Furthermore, we are able to upload documents and photographs etc very quickly, as there is always someone available who can ensure this happens as soon as it is requested.  Finally, the CLC team are a great bunch and have a great working relationship with the staff at St Joseph’s.  Thank you for a good job, done well.
Charlie Newstead (Headteacher) – St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School


ICT Conference – Feedback

Excellent staff training @Knowsleyclcs Conference today with @ICT_MrP and @mralanellis. Lots of great ideas to bring back to our school. – Tweet 8th March 2017

Inspiring conference today. Lots of brilliant, inspiring ideas. Can’t wait to try some out. #ictconference2017Tweet 8th March 2017

Great day @Knowsleyclcs IT Conference with @Alvertonhk , picked up a lot of ideas, to implement back here. #ITConference #WorththetripTweet 9th March 2017

I really enjoyed the day – was really positive, useful and full of friendly people. Most courses now seem to be mainly based on ofsted fear and you leave them feeling overwhelmed and under appreciated. This was the opposite, made me motivated to try lots of new ideas and enjoy my teaching rather than just ticking Ofsted boxes.

We had a fantastic day and left feeling motivated and inspired to make some big changes in our school. The workshops were excellent and Mr P was a great key note speaker who really gave us lots to think about and build on. Well done to all of the team for putting together and hosting such a great conference!

I felt very inspired after the conference and enthusiastic to make a difference in the way computing is taught in my school-thank you very much!

Such an inspirational and informative day, looking forward to sharing ideas with my colleagues and setting the class loose with the tech. Thanks.