Phil Bagge Bio

Phil Bagge tweets as @baggiepr and loves talking to teachers online and face to face, he setup the ‘no question is too simple or stupid’ forum on CAS (Computing at Schools). He will be genuinely sad if no one comes and chats during the day!

Phil has been described as a pioneer of primary computing science. He works for Hampshire as a Computing Inspector/Advisor, teaches computing in two Hampshire schools and supports CAS as a Master Teacher.

He was involved at the drafting stage in creating and refining the Computing Curriculum through the BCS and CAS.

Phil is passionate about

  • The importance of every child being exposed to quality computing science teaching and learning opportunities
  • The power of computing to develop pupil resilience and perseverance
  • The importance of mastering quality formative assessment to unlock and celebrate great progress in computing
  • That every primary teacher can teach outstanding computing lessons
  • That computing is a wonderful medium to develop pupil problem solving abilities

Phil is author of How to teach primary programming using Scratch and a contributing author to Compute-IT a KS3 Scheme of work. His free computing resources are used by schools around the world.