1. Developing great STEaM Opportunities in Primary Education – Delivered Mr Phil Bagge

Phil Bagge will be demonstrating lots of wonderful things to design, make and program which combine science, DT, engineering, art, maths and computing. Projects which don’t take up all your budget and can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

2. How to get the YouTube generation interested in literacy – Delivered by A Tale Unfolds

Bringing together traditional literacy with digital skills, this session is all about making the art of reading and writing more relevant for kids growing up in a digital world. In partnership with YouTube, BBC, Houses Of Parliament and, Dominic will show how to send both pupil engagement and literacy progress through the roof whilst making the world a better place.

3. Transforming to a paperless classroom with Showbie – Delivered by (A Showbie Representative)

During the workshop delegates will be shown how schools can successfully embark on transforming the way they operate to a paperless classroom. Demonstrating how collaboration and efficient communication has made a difference in the effectiveness of learning for both teachers and students.

4. Stop Motion Animation – Delivered by Kudlian Creative Software

Workshop showing you how to use stop-frame animation software which will allow you to quickly and easily create your own blockbuster animations.

5.  Green Screening presentation – Delivered by Kudlian Creative Software

Workshop showing how you can create Sports Reports, Weather Forecasts, MFL & Video Presentations using Green Screen technology.

6. Whole school approach to Online Safety – Delivered by Gary Melia (Knowsley CLCs)

This workshop will look at a whole school approach to online safety to ensure that the school has a joined up approach to promote the positive use of technology and develop resilience within our children.  The workshop will highlight the current legislation that is relevant to schools with regards to online safety, curriculum delivery and the latest initiatives for tackling online safety in schools.

7. iPad Master class – Creating learning and teacher resources – Delivered by Alan Ellis Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Educator & Book Creator Ambassador (Knowsley CLCs)

The iPad is a powerful content creation tool, with just a handful of apps teachers can easily create and share their own beautifully crafted learning and teaching resources. This workshop will focus on the use of the Book Creator app to demonstrate how teachers and students can create their own interactive books, videos and podcasts. The aim is help teachers learn to think creatively and move away from printed worksheets to developing lessons using digital media. If you are a teacher with an iPad that wants be more creative this is the workshop for you.