Workshop A

Delivered by Oliver Rees (OR innovation)

Teaching tech without tech: Design thinking in the classroom

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Workshop B

Delivered by Rob Smith (Literacy Shed)

Workshop on reading and how film and technology can enhance this area.

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Workshop C

Delivered by Rob Smith (Literacy Shed)

Workshop on writing and how film and technology can enhance this area.

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Workshop D

Delivered by Mr Oliver Stringer (PrimeVR).

How VR can be used within the curriculum.

PrimeVR are a team of qualified teachers who deliver a range of workshops nationwide specifically tailored to match the learning outcomes of your KS2 class. They have over 800 different topics to choose from with Google Expeditions and our looking forward to showing you how VR can be used within the curriculum in your school.

Workshop E

Delivered by Hannah Croskery (Deputy Head, Apple Teacher, Manager of Cumbria Apple RTC, Dalton St Mary’s CE Primary School)

Maths focus 

We’ll look at lesson ideas for different year groups and ways to store and share work.

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Workshop F

Delivered by Marie Beale (Whitefield Primary / School Improvement Liverpool)

Developing Digital Learners

Putting technology at the heart of teaching and learning.

Workshop G

Delivered by Mr Gary Melia (Knowsley CLCs).

Online Safety: A changing environment

Online Safety is a topic that changes faster than most and one of the challenges facing schools is keeping speed with this changing environment.  This workshop will look at what current online safety delivery should include and what resources are available to schools to support its delivery.

Workshop H

Delivered by Mr Alan Ellis (Knowsley CLCs).

Digital Careers Week & Digital Leaders

Technology is changing the world we live in, the majority of primary school children today will end up in jobs that don’t exist yet. Digital Career Week aims to excite primary children about technology and its new careers. It offers a up-close-and-personal view of an array of new occupations, especially ones they have never heard of. It can broaden their perspectives beyond classic, familiar jobs such as footballer or firefighter. This workshop we offer ideas for organising and running your own Digital Careers Week. It will also discuss the power of the Digital Leader scheme to enrich and support digital literacy in school.

Workshop I

Delivered by Mr Ian Gard and Mr Alan Ellis (Knowsley CLCs).

Be a Drone Pilot and how to create art with Spheros

Drones can be purchased for as little as £40 and are a great and fun way to teach coding in the classroom.  This workshop is in two parts. Firstly you will learn to fly drones with code and then see if you can complete our drone assault course. Secondly, you will learn to create modern art masterpieces with Sphero robots and code, very messy but fun!