Online Safety for Schools

The world wide web and technology has truly transformed the way we live our lives and changed the world our children grow up in. Seemingly children have access to technology at every turn and they embrace it, they do not have any of the inhibitions adults may have so they will try new technologies and use it to push the boundaries. It is this constant access to, and interest in technologies, that demands us as educators to help to create ‘digital citizens’. We have to ensure that children are aware of the risks of using technology so they remain safe when using it and ensure that they use technologies appropriately. We  must ensure that they know what to do if something goes wrong.

Online Safety for Schools – SLA

As a response to schools asking for support for online safety in 2016 we launched a support Service Level Agreement that schools can buy into.  The service consists of:

  • Scheme of Work – Annual updates to the Digital citizenship module within Knowsley’s Computing scheme of the work.
  • Policy Update – Annual updates to the online Safety policy (and associated policies) will be made available to your school.
  • Training – We will deliver 3 training sessions during the course of the year which you will be allocated two places on each of these courses for staff and/ or Governors to attend.
  • Annual Online Safety conference – For the past three years Knowsley CLCs have delivered a highly informative Online Safety conference. These events include speakers from external practitioners who are experts in a particular ‘online Safety’ topic. Each school will receive 2 places for teaching and non teaching staff and Governors.
  • Newsletter A termly online safety newsletter that schools can adapt for their communications with parents. Click hereto view a previous edition of our Online Safety Newsletter
  • School Audit Toolkit – we will provide you with an auditing tool that will allow you to complete an online staff skills audit. Once completed the data will be collated and sent to you with recommendations for areas for improvement and/or possible training we can do with staff to improve their skills/ knowledge.
  • Ofsted policy guidance updates – Advice and guidance on the latest online safety guidance relating to online safety and online bullying.
  • School Website Content – We will provide you with content, links and other resources that you can publish to your school website. This content wil be aimed at both children and parents.

This package is available to all schools (Knowsley, Sefton, Liverpool, St Helens, Halton and beyond) at an annual cost of £550, if you would like additional details or have any queries about this service then please contact or call 0151 443 2155.

Online Safety – Bespoke Support

Knowsley CLCs are able to help schools with their Online Safety strategy, planning and delivery. We have for a number of years supported schools in creating digital citizens. This support can be delivered via different channels:

Strategic Support – we can support schools in developing a strategy for Online Safety.  This will include looking at all elements of Online Safety including planning, policy, infrastructure & classroom delivery.  This can also include support for schools who are undertaking the 360⁰ eSafety Award.

Online Safety Delivery – We can deliver targeted Online Safety sessions to both children and parents, these sessions involve a guided class discussion about Online Safety using age appropriate video materials to highlight the risks of using technology. Alternatively we can deliver ICT led activities that promote the positive use of technology and as part of this activity discuss relevant Online Safety issues. For example, we may set up a class blog as part of a literacy activity but before the class begin blogging we will discuss the need to keep personal information private and the appropriate ways of communicating online.

Online Safety Staff CPD – Our staff CPD sessions aim to ensure that staff are kept up to date with the latest eSafety policy/ legislation/ Ofsted requirements and to provide them with practical suggestions for integrating Online Safety into curriculum delivery.

Sessions range from £100 for a twilight session to £250 for an all day session.  If you want additional details or have any queries about this service please contact or call 0151 443 2155.

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