Online Safety for Schools

Keeping children and young people safe online is one of the biggest challenges facing society today and it is all of our responsibility to ensure that children are educated to make positive, informed choices when they are online.  Our staff are experienced and passionate in engaging and communicating online safety messages to children, staff & the wider school community.  We want to work with schools to promote the positive use of technology to make the online world a better and safer place for us all.

Here are some examples of the services we offer to schools to help them deliver online safety in their school.

Online Safety for Schools SLA – £550 per year

As a response to schools asking for support for online safety in 2016 we launched a support Service Level Agreement that schools can buy into.  The service consists of:

  • Scheme of Work – Annual updates to the Digital citizenship module within Knowsley’s Computing scheme of the work.
  • Staff CPD – a full staff training session at your school covering the latest policy guidance from DfE/ Ofsted and ideas for curriculum delivery.  The session can be delivered as a twilight session or as part of an Inset day.
  • Training – We will deliver 3 training sessions during the course of the year which you will be allocated two places on each of these courses for staff and/ or Governors to attend.
  • Annual Online Safety conference – For the past three years Knowsley CLCs have delivered a highly informative Online Safety conference. These events include speakers from external practitioners who are experts in a particular ‘online Safety’ topic. Each school will receive 2 places for teaching and non teaching staff and Governors.
  • Newsletter A monthly online safety newsletter that schools can adapt for their communications with parents. Click one of the links to view a previous edition of our Online Safety Newsletter – Primary or Secondary.
  • School Audit Toolkit – we will provide you with an auditing tool that will allow you to complete an online staff skills audit. Once completed the data will be collated and sent to you with recommendations for areas for improvement and/or possible training we can do with staff to improve their skills/ knowledge.
  • Ofsted policy guidance updates – Advice and guidance on the latest online safety guidance relating to online safety and online bullying.
  • School Website Content – We will provide you with content, links and other resources that you can publish to your school website. This content wil be aimed at both children and parents.
  • Digital Leaders framework and scheme of work – access to a dedicated SOW for your Digital Leaders to use with your Digital Leaders.

This package is available to all schools (Knowsley, Sefton, Liverpool, St Helens, Halton and beyond) at an annual cost of £550.

Parent/Community Newsletter Package – £120 per year

Following on from a recent report from the UK Council for Internet Safety which highlighted the challenge schools face in engaging the community in Online Safety matters, we have introduced a new package.  We will produce and send you a monthly newsletter (11 in total, September 2017 – July 2018) for a total of £120.  The newsletters can be uploaded to your website as well as circulated to all parents.  Click one of the links to view a previous edition of our Online Safety Newsletter – Primary or Secondary.

Online Safety Delivery Package – £250

The Department for Education Statutory Guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ states that schools should ensure children are taught about safeguarding, including staying safe online.  As qualified CEOP Ambassadors, Knowsley CLC staff can deliver a one day Online Safety package at your school which includes:

  • Tailored presentation for each year group (Year 1 – 6)
  • Separate session for parents to attend

(price based on a one form entry school)

For an additional charge we can also provide a session for the Governing Body.

Online Safety – Bespoke Support

Knowsley CLCs are able to help schools with their Online Safety strategy, planning and delivery. We have for a number of years supported schools in creating digital citizens. This support can be delivered via different channels:

Strategic Support – we can support schools in developing a strategy for Online Safety.  This will include looking at all elements of Online Safety including planning, policy, infrastructure & classroom delivery.  This can also include support for schools who are undertaking the 360⁰ eSafety Award.

Online Safety Staff CPD – Our staff CPD sessions aim to ensure that staff are kept up to date with the latest eSafety policy/ legislation/ Ofsted requirements and to provide them with practical suggestions for integrating Online Safety into curriculum delivery.

Sessions range from £100 for a twilight session to £250 for an all day session.

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