We have added the following resources to TES for download:

Classroom Bingo – Getting to know each other


This is a great task to do at the start of term to get to know each other. This is an iPad activity – the children scan a QR code to download a Keynote file to their iPad and then must complete the task by taking photographs and adding them to the document. A copy of the Keynote file plus instructions are included.

The iPad Primary Classroom


When purchasing iPads for the primary classroom, it is so important to have a plan and think about how iPads integrate in the classroom with teaching and learning. This document includes discussion points and key decisions that you will need to consider to support the successful adoption of mobile technology in your school.

Online Safety Audit Tool


This auditing tool has been developed to allow schools to do a quick assessment of their own performance in relation to online safety. It is designed to allow schools to quickly answer yes or no and identify any gaps.

Tweet the week!


Download our Pages document to your Mac or iPad and then use our colourful template to easily add a photograph to then share on Twitter.

Transition Book


PDF document which includes a QR code to download a transition book template on to an iPad using Book Creator. The children then use the template to add their own information and in their own words their new teacher all about themselves.

EYFS Labels


This Pages/PDF document contains a whole host of labels for using around an EYFS classroom allowing you to clearly label lots of different items such as crayons and rulers. The download also includes word labels – big, medium and small.

Teacher Twitter Challenge


Set your teachers a Twitter challenge! We believe every educator needs to be on Twitter and be able to use it well so this download will help teachers to become familiar with Twitter by setting them simple tasks throughout the 30 day period. The keynote document can be edited.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt – Count IT Activity


This lesson plan includes everything you need to deliver a QR scavenger hunt with your class. The lesson will help younger children to:
1. Learn iPad basics e.g. opening apps and safely carrying iPads.
2. Use a QR code scanner app.
3. Record what they see using a tally chart.
4. Sort and categorise.

Online Safety Children’s Code of Conduct and Parent’s Online Safety Guide


Online Safety Children’s Code of Conduct: Set clear boundaries to children by asking them to sign an Online Safety Code of Conduct. Ask the children to read the code of conduct listing 10 points that they must follow when using the internet such as ‘I will not click on inappropriate pop ups or ads.’ Once the children have read the code of conduct there is space for children to sign their name at the bottom to say they agree. This colourful handout also makes a great poster as part of any Online Safety display.

Thank you Card homework activity


Children can use their technology skills to download a Book Creator template file to their iPad by scanning the QR code. They can then design, decorate and write a thank you postcard to one of their amazing teachers. This resource includes a Keynote presentation and a copy of the template.