We have considerable experience in delivering ICT led lessons in school at KS1 and KS2.  We specialise in the computing curriculum but can support the delivery of any subject or topic using ICT.  We charge just £250 for a full day’s session or alternatively we offer three levels of SLA and can agree bespoke packages to meet the needs of individual schools.


*Delivered at your school

Many of our activities have been designed in collaboration with schools but we can adapt to ensure the delivery meets your school’s requirements. Most of the activities can be supported by our own equipment (e.g. iPads and Macs) which ensures you will have the opportunity to try out technologies without purchasing them.

Example Sessions

Knowsley CLCs offer a full range of computing classroom delivery activities. EYFS and KS1-4.  Knowsley CLCs don’t just deliver computing classroom activities we also work on projects with schools. So if you are looking to shake up the use of technology and try something new here are some ideas we can support you with.

  • Flipping Maths: use video to improve mathematical thinking.
  • Digital Leaders: get the students involved in managing and shaping technology in school.
  • Pupil Portfolios: save, share and celebrate digital work – any device, anywhere and anytime.
  • School Vision and Development Planning: do you have a plan for technology in school?
  • Teacher handbook/toolkit: everything a teacher needs in one place. The aim is to improve communication and deliver bespoke personalised CPD.
  • Set up and show: for example setting up Google Classroom or iTunes U and supporting teachers and students using it for teaching and learning.
  • STEM Playground: hands on practical building, designing and coding using programable devices/toys and advanced coding e.g. Raspberry Pi.
  • A range of themed after school clubs: aimed at extending gifted pupils or supporting learners that struggle. E.g. Comics Club – focused sessions aimed at boys writing.
  • Our school story: we’ll help you make videos that showcases all the amazing stories and learning journeys that take place in school. This is ideal for your website’s home page and great for prospective parents to see.
  • Digital displays – support TAs and teachers in using technology to enhance display boards so that they can showcase work or become “Learning Walls” linked to challenges or learning content.
  • Young Journalists: whole school blogging, improving writing skills and digital literacy.
  • Genius Hour: One hour a week the children can learn about anything they like but they must document their learning and then present and share it.

If you would like more information or to discuss a bespoke project for your school please just call or email.

To book any a session with us then please contact Knowsley City Learning Centres on 0151 443 2155 or email