After School Clubs

Our After School Clubs aim to provide children with the opportunity to use technology in exciting, stimulating and creative ways. Our After School Clubs are fun, informative and provide children with an inspiring introduction into key ICT skills.  We charge £300 for a 6 week (1 hour sessions) After School Club at your school and we bring our own kit.

Examples include:

iPad Art Club

David Hockney, one of the UK’s most well known artists included, as part of his latest exhibition, a series of artwork that he has produced on an iPad. We decided to develop a series of sessions to teach learners how to create their own artwork culminating in a parent showcase.


  • Week 1 – Learn to draw on an iPad & exploring styles of painting
  • Week 2 – Portraits
  • Week 3 – Still life
  • Week 4 – Drawing cartoons
  • Week 5 – Final piece (own choice)
  • Week 6 – Parent Showcase

iPad Animation Club

Ch ildren will initially have the opportunity to experiment with different styles of animation using various apps on the iPad. The children will then create an animated master piece of their own.

Children will also learn the basic concepts and techniques ofanimation. We would recommend this activity is limited to 15 children.


  • Week 1 – What is animation and making your first animation
  • Week 2 – Ideas, storyboard and script for the animation
  • Week 3 – Creating characters and scenes
  • Week 4 – Creating the animated film
  • Week 5 – Editing and adding music
  • Week 6 – Parent Showcase

Creative Writing

Many parents and teachers fear that the digital revolution will tempt children away from the written word but in fact new technologies promise to add new and amazing dimensions to reading and writing. This After school club focuses on using the iPad to write original stories, as well as create their own artwork, animations and accompanying audio narration for their digital book.


  • Week 1 – Create a story using a story arc and mind mapping
  • Week 2 – Create character and scene illustrations
  • Week 3 – Create animated scenes
  • Week 4 – Create the digital book and audio narration
  • Week 5 – The children polish and refine their book
  • Week 6 – Parents invited to a book launch

iPad Maths Club – The Maths Premier League

Maths can be an intimidating subject for so me children, which is why we have developed this after school club to make Maths fun. We use the notion of playful learning and combine this with competition. The children are put into teams and enter into a league, the team with the most points at the end of the 6 weeks receives a small prize. We have run this club with several schools and they have all remarked that they have seen an improvement in mental arithmetic. The Maths club can be tailored to meet the needs of different levels of learners. The best part is that the children won’t know they are learning because they ’ll be having so much fun playing math games!


  • Week 1 – Introduction an d setting up the Maths League
  • Week 2 – 4 Maths App challenges
  • Week 3 – 4 Maths App challenges
  • Week 4 – 4 Maths App challen ge s
  • Week 5 – 4 Maths App challenges
  • Week 6 – 4 Maths App challenges

Making Games and Programming

In this after school club the ch ildren will be given the opportunity to experiment with creating their own games and graphics. Children will use their imaginations and learn about graphics, how games are put together, use game engines and start to develop real analytical skills as they are introduced to programming. This after school club is only available for years 5 and 6 and we also recommend small groups. This will be delivered using iPads and Macbook laptops.


  • Week 1 – Introduction, looking at games and visual programming apps
  • Week 2 – Creating a Space Invaders game, creating graphics and using a games engine
  • Week 3 – Creating a Platform Game, creating graphics and using a games engine
  • Week 4 – Scratch Programming Part 1
  • Week 5 – Scratch Programming Part 2
  • Week 6 – Scratch Programming Part 3

iPad Taster Club

The iPad is a fantastic learning tool and this After School Club is a great way to ensure children start using them in a creative way. Over the 6 week period we will use the iPad to produce some amazing artwork, animations, short films, games, music and digital books.

We also welcome attendance from parents who wish to see how the iPad can be used for creative learning.


  • Week 1 – Taking photographs and making a movie trailer
  • Week 2 – Art and drawing cartoon characters
  • Week 3 – Making animations
  • Week 4 – Making books and comics
  • Week 5 – Maths Challenge
  • Week 6 – How to make your own Space Invaders game


To discuss your requirements in further detail or to book a session please contact us on 0151 443 2155 or email