School Technical Support

Our school technical support service to schools is simple, we offer experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians.  Our service is available on a regular basis through regular scheduled onsite visits or on an adhoc basis.  Our team have all developed their skills by working in schools and have developed an understanding of the bespoke nature of schools and their individual requirements.  Further details of the technical services we offer are detailed below:

Network Support

We know how important it is to have an ICT platform that allows you to use technology effectively and securely in your school.  Our service includes maintaining your server and applying security updates, deploying your anti-virus solution to all devices and ensuring that it is kept up to date, managing your Active Directory and ensuring that your internet filtering is applied appropriately.  We will also ensure that your switches are maintained and patched accordingly to ensure that your network runs smoothly.

Regular On Site Visits

If desired, we can schedule regular school visits from a dedicated technician who will provide general maintenance and solve any issues you are experiencing in relation to items such as:

•Desktop PCs


•Smart boards

•Projectors / Interactive Whiteboards

•iMacs & MacBooks

•iPads and other Tablet Devices


Adhoc Support & ICT Procurement

We are ideally placed to support your ICT requirements as we do not supply equipment ourselves and are independent to any one supplier.  We will simply source the quotes for you to decide which one offers you the best value for money/service.  Once you have the equipment we can support you in configuring and installing it as well as providing any training that you may require.

The iPad Classroom

It sounds simple to buy a class set of iPads but there are so many more factors that you need to consider other than how you will fund such a project.  You need to consider whether to buy a mac mini with OSx Server, a sync and store trolley, air server/ apple TV or VGA adapter for displaying on your whiteboard and then there’s setting up a volume purchasing account so that you benefit from the considerable savings available for education establishments and also to schedule training to help staff use these devices for curriculum delivery.

We are able to support you at each stage of this process and can do every aspect of this for you, including sourcing quotes for you so that you get best value.  For more information on this service please call Gary Melia ( or Jodie Sharrock ( on 0151 443 2155.